Quality and R & D

         Our three layers extrusion Coestrusion equipment can produce multi-layered polymers films. We can provide different colors according to customers' needssuch as black & white,milky white,blue,green,transparent and so on. Films are available in width up to 1600mm.
         We provide flexible printing design service for customers,and you can choose one or two colors for the printing.Printing are available in width up to 1580mm.
         Coating is applying environmental-friendly liquid glue to the film equably.After high temperature to solidify the glue liquid ,itbecomes an adhesion layer.Our films are available in width up to 1600mm.
Quality Control
         Our major research and development capacity enables us to understand every aspect of surface protection systems.Our protective films are regularly tested in simulated production conditions to ensure that the perfect solution is proposed.All our products go on to be tested and validated by our in-house technical teams to confirm the choice of the most appropriate protection solution.