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Home Appliances Film

Home Appliances Film

Raw materials: LDPE
Thickness: 30micron~100micron
Color: 透明/蓝色/黑白/奶白(可根据客户需求)
Specification: 500m~1500m/卷
Tack: 10g/cm~500g/cm
Print: 两种颜色
Package: 纸箱/纸皮
Core: 直径76mm


   We continuously develops new products and focus on improving product quality and performance, so that the protective films of the household appliances are safer, more environmentally friendly, time-saving and easier to use. What’s more, we are in the leading position especially in development of “no trace” protective film for color metal sheets.
   In accordance with RoHS regulation, Jinbang provides environmentally-friendly green products to the customers, which can meet or even far exceed the requirements of global environmental protection organizations. Our products also pass strict SGS testing, ensuring a fresh air working environment and good health of our workers.

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