Product Name:

Car Industry Film

Car Industry Film

Raw materials: LDPE
Thickness: 30micron~100micron
Color: 透明/蓝色/黑白/奶白(可根据客户需求)
Specification: 500m~1500m/卷
Tack: 10g/cm~500g/cm
Print: 两种颜色
Package: 纸箱/纸皮
Core: 直径76mm


   Jinbang provides the protective film products required for the transportation facility manufacture industry, which are primarily used in the processing, assembly and maintenance fields of automobiles, ships, aircrafts, trains and other transportation facilities as well as accessories. It is the most reliable long-term professional partner for global transportation facility manufacturing.
   The products for automotive industry are widely used in automobile headlights, car body, bumpers, carpets, inner roof, dashboard, glass and metal ornaments, to prevent scratches and impurities during assembling and maintenance.
   We also provide protective products for installation and maintenance of the parts and accessories of other transportation facilities, such as ships, aircrafts and trains, etc…

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