Product Name:

Electronic Film

Electronic Film

Raw materials: LDPE
Thickness: 30micron~100micron
Color: 透明/蓝色/黑白/奶白(可根据客户需求)
Specification: 500m~1500m/卷
Tack: 10g/cm~500g/cm
Print: 两种颜色
Package: 纸箱/纸皮
Core: 直径76mm


   We sell a wide range of professional protective films in the industrial industry in China mainland and all over the world, which can meet the customers’ requirements such as backlight modules, LCD display, mobile phone, PC, PMMA, etc...
   We also have dust preventive protective film for clean room. Adhesive captures dusts and dirt on the shoes and will not roll up or peel when carts pass through.
   For the changing new materials, the R&D center of Jinbang constantly improves the products and focuses on providing customers with the most suitable products.

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