Product Name:

acp film

acp film

Raw materials: LDPE
Thickness: 30micron~100micron
Color: 透明/蓝色/黑白/奶白(可根据客户需求)
Specification: 500m~1500m/卷
Tack: 10g/cm~500g/cm
Print: 两种颜色
Package: 纸箱/纸皮
Core: 内径76mm


   The specific architectural protective films manufactured by Jinbang are widely used in the protection of aluminium sheets and aluminium composite panels of construction projects as hotels, large sports venues, theaters, tunnels, office buildings, factories and other public facilities.
   All types of specific protective films of Jinbang are in line with the international quality standard and meet the performance indicators, which can fulfill the requirements of architects and contractors, and easy to stick and peel under the harsh conditions (for instance, special temperature and humidity).

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